There are numerous ways to make money; the entire world’s economy runs on these options. You just have to choose which one suits you the most.

So here we have listed the easiest and most efficient ways to fill your pockets without getting your hands too dirty.

  • Affiliate marketing

If you are popular on social media or run a super cool blog then you should consider affiliate marketing. You can start earning by promoting various kinds of companies, services, and products online.

You take your first step by signing up as a publisher on the Awin network.

Evaluate their offers and search the merchant listings that you feel your social circle might like; grab your affiliate link and spread it! This way, you can make a nice commission whenever someone buys!


  • Sell on your education

This one is interesting. You can cash in your knowledge through online or on-site courses. This way, you get intellectually grow as well as teaching requires one to update current thresholds every now and then.

However, for this, you will have to focus on the value/demand for the skill or course you are offering to teach. Take graphic designing for a change. It’s a cash cow because the entire offline and online industry independent on it. Hence, professionally teaching people how to use illustrator, SketchUp, coral draw and of course photoshop is extremely worth your time and effort.


  • Freelance work

Freelance work is gaining popularity on a massive speed and it’s still going up after spreading all across the globe. The new ‘work from home’ trend has opened many doors especially for students who need a little cash to balance their college fees.

And there is just too much variety! We have content writing, graphic designing, SEO, web developing, game developing, app developing as some of the most common and high income generating options. You have to keep your skills polished though. And it’s best if you have a long list of work experience or at least diplomas/certifications related to your job requirements to leave good impressions. It’s worth it. So don’t hesitate in doing some low paid work as well. Building a good CV is the first and most integral step to become a professional freelancer.

From that point, you can keep going on and on with personal development by learning more skills through Coursera and Udemy to make even bigger amounts of money.

The options with freelancing are endless! Some people even upgrade themselves by starting digital marketing, affiliate marketing or founding their own startups as freelancing creates a great foundation for growth.


  • Part-time job

This depends on which country you live in. The options and scope depend on it. It also depends on what sorts of skills a particular part-time job requires. Working at Mcdonald’s or Subway seems pretty manageable and they pay isn’t bad either in U.S/U.K and other countries. You can also work as a bartender, assistant at a salon or at a grocery store and so on.

If you have enough spare energy afterward, you can utilize some of the other options on the list for even more quick money!

Oh, and if you are lucky, you might find a part-time job that you end up falling completely in love with which may even escalate in a major career shift! Who knows?