Penning down your state of mind, your feelings and emotions is a great way to keep an eye on your mental wellbeing. Various researches prove that writing down what you feel is a great way to keep a check on your mental health. People with a certain anxiety, depression disorder we notice to have benefited from writing down their emotions in a worry journal even for ten days. It tends to help understand the causes when you find your state of mind written clearly right in front of you; it helps to take useful measures against the problem.


People with similar mental problems who overcame them talk about their journey and how they overcame it on TED. Listening to people who share your state of mind somehow helps with the solitude that your anxiety may make you go through. Listen to the world’s most influential people and their stories of strength and valor against mental disorders while you are on a walk or exercising. When we listen to such speakers or note down the feelings in the journal. The brain takes it in a very interpersonal way. Listening to powerful words paves the way for a breeze of hope and happiness in your mind.

3. Develop Mindfulness

Mindfulness is one of the most important traits when it comes to bouncing back from adversities or overcoming any problems. Your attitude towards the issue is decided by your mindfulness and certainly it’s your attitude towards a situation that is the defining point. Mindfulness is the best route to change your default negative mindset to ultra-positive.

4. Move Your Emotions

Physical motion can enhance your blood circulation and hormone production which eventually enhances you mentally, you go for a walk every morning or gym regularly to feel better physically as well as mentally.

5. Don’t Take Things Personally

The world is a harsh place. People; even if meaning no harm at all say things so demotivating even though it might just be so frankly for them, it will crush you if you take it all personally. People respond to things according to the situation they are themselves in, the problems they are facing and even if it’s only a joke, it could prove to be hell for a mentally unstable person.

6. Lean into Your Emotions

You don’t have to run away from your emotions and alienate them, accept them instead, embrace your loneliness, your anger and sadness. Much of the negative impact comes from the fear of our very own emotions and trying to suppress them every now and then. Learn to know that all you feel is normal is human. Welcome your emotions and let them flow through your body.

7. Seek Balance

It’s almost impossible to avoid and unsee difficult feelings and emotions, but you don’t have to dwell on them for a lifetime either. But it’s necessary to allow yourself some time off, let the weight of the chest, take a while to heal and understand. It’s always best to distract yourself from feelings that pin you down. Seek peace and happiness in various different things that balance out the bad.