1. Recognize your weaknesses.

We all have snags and weaknesses that hold us back. Whether they are your favorite TV show that you can’t skip or potato chips, or technology such as social networking or some addictive game that has been pinning you down. Wasting your time.
Acknowledge where you fall short, whatever they may be. People often don’t talk about their flaws or pretend like they don’t exist. Accept your flaws for you can never overcome them until you know them.

2. Focus on your needs not wants!

You need to distinguish between your wants and your needs. And remove any tempting materials from your life that keep distracting your vision and mind.
Eat healthier but cutting junk food, want more productivity at work? silence the phone that keeps distracting and bugging you with notifications.


3. Set clear goals and make an execution plan for it.

If you intend to achieve self-discipline, you need to have a clear visualization of what you hope to accomplish. You need to remind yourself what success means to you frequently, for not knowing the destination may get you sidetracked.
A clear map of your aims and goals is a must have, a plan that you need to execute with every passing day. Create a mantra and keep yourself focused.


4. Build your self-discipline.

Self-disciple, not something inborn, it’s a much-learned behavior. It requires frequent and consistent practice and reputation just like any other skill you would want to master. Willpower and self-discipline take a lot of work.


5. Keep it Simple!

It may feel intimidating or frustrating to try to do a mountain much of work all at once. Instead, break it down into simple doable steps that don’t tire you out. If you want to sleep better, try going to 15 minutes earlier every night. If you want to quit smoking, lessen the number every day and never stop abruptly.

Take baby steps, one thing at a time. That way you can achieve your goals at a better rate and you could keep on adding more goals to your list this way.


6. Eat properly.

The annoying and irritating mix of emotions you get when you are hungry is real and has a substantial amount of impact on your health. Low blood sugar can make you grumpy and annoyed! YES. Science proves that.
An empty stomach aggravates all the bad tenfold. Your willpower, self-discipline and self control are all affected and weakened.


7. Know what willpower exactly means

Studies prove that every person’s willpower is determined all by himself, by his beliefs. His willpower will only be as much as he believes in himself to possess. Just up to that limit. By putting these limitations you are likely to wear yourself out before you even make a dent.

If you can remove these subconscious limitations and obstacles that you have put up on your willpower in your head. You will possess your full potential and will not get tired until you reach your goals.