Clear communication

Good communication is the way to keep the air clear between boss and employees. You should make it clear what you want them to achieve with clear communication but also be mindful of what they expect from you. It’s a 50 50, you and your employees, a good relationship based on communication is all you need for your office to prosper and function flawlessly.

The main thing about good communication is to be straight and clear, which never means you have to be rude or mean but you don’t have to avoid any mistakes they make or pretend like they don’t exist. Address the problems to them and also mention how to mend any amendments if possible.


Listen to everyone’s ideas

Be a good listener and encourage your employees to propose new ideas for better functioning of the firm quite frequently. It’s important that everyone has a say and no one feels neglected, it keeps everyone content and nice towards each other without envying one another. This will prove that every each person in your crew is as valuable as anyone else.


Recognize hard work

Recognize the employee’s potential and reward them accordingly, encourage them with a bonus if they do a considerably good job. Making them feel like they are notices is the best way to have them working peacefully and at their best potential around you. It makes them believe that hard work will always be acknowledged and will never go unnoticed which will only compel them to work better.


Show your trust

You better not be a boss like a parent who constantly hovers over their children and won’t let them breathe even for a minute? Your instinct will always be to micromanage everything but if it comes at the cost of an uncomfortable workplace for the staff, it’s not worth it. Not being given proper space is always devastating and only drains the staff of their morale and will to work.
You have hired your employees for a reason, sit back and relax. Let them do what they were recruited for.


Have some fun

You can always be a professional and manage to have some fun as well, being professional doesn’t have to kill all the life in your office for gods sake.—A happier employ can work as much as tenfolds better than a miserable one.

You can allow your employees to decorate their workspaces so that they can feel more like home—even have a contest for the best-decorated workspace or the employee with the best hairstyle, YES!


Lead the way

Being the leader never means you have to be grumpy and rude all the time, the way you behave is what your employee’s attitude will be towards work. A smile is contagious but a frown is more so. Always radiate positive energy around the workplace so that everyone gets affected positively and increases their productivity.

Keep constant communication, listen to them, instruct them properly. Once you create a positive work environment, maintaining it becomes a lot easier.