The term ‘Self Actualisation’ is quite vast for its simple language.

“What a person will be, he should be” – is what self-actualization was outlined as Abraham Maslow. The psychological method intended for maximizing the use of a person’s abilities and assets. However, the process may differ from one person to another.

In simpler words, self-actualization can be coined as the full recognition of one’s intellectual, ingenious, or social potential.

Since self-actualization is built around one’s own awareness of his abilities and potential, it’s a very personal process indeed.

Kurt Goldstein outlined self-actualization as “man’s tendency to actualize himself, to become his potentialities”

Why is Self Actualisation Important?

It is stupid to question the importance of self-actualization to me too. For one’s awareness of its own self is the basic step, the key to understanding this vast universe. It all starts with our own selves indeed.

Self-actualization refers to the necessity of self augmentation and personal growth all through one’s life. Once you are self-actualized, you’ve met your full creative and intellectual potential as an individual. No wonder why Maslow let self-actualization sit on the top of his hierarchy of needs.
Self-actualization enables you to see and become the best version of yourself. It promotes self-love, self-care and dedication to your self which paves a road towards a happy and outstanding life.


Characteristics of Self Actualised people

Self-Actualized People possess a mind that experiences everything to its absolute degree, they are often euphoric and take more notice of happiness than other individuals.

Self Actualised people are more likely to accept you for who you are, regardless of your race, economic status or color. They have a strong sense of self-acceptance that makes way for a life with ultimate satisfaction. They accept themselves and others for who they are and embrace people with an open heart.
A strong sense of realism is one major characteristic of Self Actualised people too. Instead of being afraid of the unknown, they rush in to explore the reality of the world.
They tend to be very responsible and ethical when comes to problem-solving. Be it their own or someone else’s.
They possess a very independent nature. Not just materialistically but they also don’t depend on people for their own happiness or contentment, their emotional stability doesn’t rely on others, instead they fulfill all of those mental needs by themselves.
They are not afraid of solitude and privacy; on the contrary, they often enjoy the tranquility of solitude which enables them to take a look at the spaces in their existence where amendment is due. Yet they also lift others and help people out frequently.

A thoughtful sense of humor is what they have; they can be as funny as anyone else without degrading a person, objectifying bodies or joking about someone’s appearance.

Self Actualised people are often unconventional too; they are not limited by society’s norms. They understand that the journey towards their goal could be as beautiful as the destination itself.